It’s no surprise that everyone who tries our eggs loves them… We get so many letters from happy customers and we’d just like to share a few below.

Hello Josh

I met you recently at the ICSP customer service awards in Melbourne and I was so impressed!!! Both with you and now your incredible eggs.

On this evening you very graciously gave me a carton of your beautiful eggs and they were the best eggs I have ever eaten I can honestly say they are FULL of your chicken’s chickness

I have now eaten all my Josh Rainbow eggs, we have had fantastic Josh omelettes!! The most yellow omelettes I have ever had.

Josh I live in Cairns and your dad mentioned when I met you both in Melbourne that he had been here talking businesses regarding your eggs so my question is will your eggs be available here ? If not at the moment could you give me a list of where I may get them ? I fly with Qantas for a living and I just have to get some more of your eggs!!!!

Thank you Josh keep up that chickness !!!

It’s egg-straordinary

Warmest regards Tricia

Hi Josh,

Firstly, congratulations on your rainbow eggs.

I agree with you, they are the best eggs I’ve ever had. They are even better than the ones I used to collect when I was kid on the farm where I grew up. We grew wheat and had cattle, but in lots of ways were self sufficient, including having chickens for eggs. They were my responsibility to look after, but I only had about 30 chickens, not 800!

We buy a dozen of your eggs every week from Piedmonte’s in Fitzroy North. And they are fantastic – great taste and amazing yolks.

Secondly, congratulations on running such an incredible business!

I think you, and your family has an incredible story to tell.

And, I’m the Editor of an online magazine for entrepreneurs called Anthill (www.anthillonline.com). So, I’d love to write an article about your business and tell more people about what you are doing and, how you’ve done it.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Hi Josh

We spoke at La Manna today regarding your eggs. As promised, the link is our review… http://youtu.be/1yV6gFsXJO4.  We wanted a short video just in case you forgot who we are as I’m sure you speak to a lot of people in the day.

You definitely have two fans here, not just because of your eggs, but the way you conducted yourself. Very impressed. Keep up the good work. Would be great to follow your blog if you have one, so that we can see you progress from Mark 4 to Mark 5 and beyond.


Sam and Dimitri Accetta.

Hi Josh,

Nice talking with you just now. I’ve just fried two of the little eggs for myself and my little one and they are amazingly fresh and delicious. I’m so glad I got them!!  I bet they will be all finished within a week or so. 🙂

Listening to your scramble eggs recipe over the phone already got my mouth drooling. Hope you can share it with me  again here cause I have a very bad memory….  Thanks again in advance!!



Hi Josh,

I would just like to let you know your eggs where just divine. I am the man you and mum sold eggs to at LaManna yesterday with the bulldogs jersey.

Regards Mark Bell

Hi Josh and Tamsyn Murray

The eggs are delicious! And thanks for the smaller eggs! I have shared them around but wishing I didn’t as my 2 year old scoffed 4 this morning!!

Thanks again



Keep up the good work and we will continue to buy your eggs.

BTW we live in Lancefield and buy our eggs in Romsey.

M and S Chapman

Dear Josh

I was really excited to note that you are Managing Director and you are only 12 years old. I had a small business and I hired people who had heaps of get-up-and-go. They were the people I was looking for because I knew they would work well for me. I really hope that your business enterprise – and indeed of your sister and bro – work well. You’ll be a millionaire before you are twenty five!!!  😉

Kind regards

Sheila Chapman

Hi Josh and Family,

Just wanted to let you know that we tried your chicken’s eggs this morning and they were amazing!

My 5 year old Alyssa,  who isn’t overly fussed on eggs and often refuses to eat them LOVED them and had 3 helpings of them! ( I had made scrambled egg with bacon, onion and kale.)

She agrees they are fantastic but it has got her thinking that she wants her own chickens and may try and see if her chickens can produce the “tastiest” eggs.  🙂

As the adult I can say I was very impressed with the eggs. We often get organic/pastured eggs but yours were by far the best I’ve had.

What breed of chickens do you have as your layers? We are looking into having chickens of our own so your feedback would be helpful.

I purchased your eggs through the Sunbury Organic Food Co-op so many thanks for supplying to them at such a reasonable price.

Keep up the fantastic work.

Kind regards

Kate Carpenter

Hi Josh,

I just wanted to write and say congratulations on producing such fabulous tasting eggs. I had first read about you some time ago in the Stock Journal, but where I live (Broken Hill area) I never came across them. We were recently holidaying down your way and I came across your eggs in the Trentham IGA. I always buy organic and free range when possible and so I thought I’d give yours a try, because I know from past experience the Woolworths and other supermarket organic ranges aren’t that good – (we normally have our own farm fresh eggs but our chickens have been off the lay for quite some time now.)

Anyway, your eggs were the tastiest (bought) eggs I have ever eaten! So delicious and I could tell that they came from happy and healthy hens – so well done and keep up the good work showing the rest of the egg producers how it should be done.

I only wish I could purchase them here in Broken Hill or in South Australia, but we are looking in to extending our sheep business down to the Kyneton area sometime in the next year or so, so I’ll be able to buy them when we live down there!

Kind regards,

Pip Hughes
Kars Station, Broken Hill

Hi Josh,

I was in Foodworks in Gisborne today and saw your eggs for sale and took one of your flyers to read.

I feel very strongly about the welfare of chickens and will always buy free ranges eggs, but am very careful that I only buy the ones that truly care for their chickens, so switching to your eggs seems like a good option for me.

I was very impressed with what you wrote about how you care for your birds, and for someone who is obviously quite young to be running a business like this, it is truly amazing and impressive and I congratulate you – well done, Josh.

Best wishes,

Janet from Gisborne.

Hi Josh,

Thank you SO MUCH for your response to my questions.  I am delighted to know that your hens have such a good life and are so well cared for – definitely a deciding factor for me when purchasing my eggs – so yours are top of my shopping list.  Well done with your chicken enterprise – I just wish more egg producers cared so much for their birds as you do.

Good luck for the future with your project.

Have a great Christmas,


Hi Josh,

I saw (and bought) your eggs for the first time today in ‘Plump’ organic shop in Yarraville.

I made an omelette of sorts for dinner with them, and yum….!

I really want to acknowledge you for your enterprise, your care of your animals and all that you do to contribute to a healthy planet and food source.

I teach a course that cares for people to awaken in consciousness, so that they can contribute their passions to make a better world. So I really appreciate your work.

I thought you might like to know about our compassion exercise, so I’ve sent it in another email as I’m not sure how to attach it using my iPhone.

Enjoy it and feel free to share it with as many people as you like.

Kindest regards,


Hello Josh,

I am one of your new happy customers and I missed you at Riddells Creek Farmers’ market last month. I am wondering if you’ll be there next Saturday as I want 3 dozen eggs for a special occasion.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Hi Josh – we bought some eggs from you at the Gisborne market. They didn’t last long. How do I get a regular supply?  I can drive to Kerrie on my way home from work any day.

Let us know!

PS. your eggs are the tastiest freshest best poachers we have ever had!

Rick & Jo Harrison

Hi Josh,

Just a quick note to let you know how much I love your eggs.

Without a doubt they are the nicest eggs I have ever eaten – they are so tasty.

Thanks so much for sharing them.

Best wishes

Eleanor and Family

Hi Josh, I shop at LaManna Supermarket in Essendon Fields. Every week I buy your delicious eggs, I recommend them to everyone. Keep up the great work.

Thanks Linda

Well done Josh. You should be proud…you were so confident and an inspiration to me and great example for my family and friends in the montessori community. What you have done is a great educational lesson about so many things but not in a classroom but in a real life way. I will enjoy your eggs in the morning with my family.


Hey Josh, congrats on your presentation at the ICSP awards night! You are a wonderful presenter and your parents must be so proud of you! I’m now a big fan!


Hi Josh,

I bought a dozen of your eggs from Piedemonte’s supermarket in Fitzroy last week and I just wanted to let you know that they were probably the best eggs I’ve tasted. The yolks were really bright and clean and the taste was so much better than other eggs I’ve bought. I would normally buy my eggs from an Organic/Health food shop around me, but I’m now a loyal customer of yours!

Keep up the good work!


Anna Lithgow

Hi Josh

I just discovered your eggs at La Manna Supermarket and I love them! I have always bought organic eggs but yours are by far the freshest and best I’ve tasted. It’s so great to read your story on your website and find out about what you and your family do on your farm. Congratulations of producing the tastiest eggs whilst at the same time respecting the beautiful chickens and other animals. Please keep up the good work!


PS – I’ll be making a fluffy omelette for dinner tonight!

Dear Josh

Whenever you think something someone is producing is a fantastic product it’s best to let them know! I have been purchasing your eggs from la manna supermarket for a few weeks now and recommending them to my family and friends. They are wonderful. We have two young children who are loving them too. My parents grew up in Ireland with plenty of fresh produce off the farm and they agree that these eggs are the best they’ve eaten after 30 years in Melbourne.

Thank you for sharing your delicious eggs. We will continue to recommend them.

We wish you continued success in the future.

Warm regards,

The Williams Family

Hi josh

I just wanted to tell you how much me and my 2 boys who are 6 and 9 are enjoying your eggs. My neighbour is Anita’s sister so she is bringing me your eggs now so I am completely spoilt -they taste amazing !!!