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Seven Hills Family Farm is nestled in the hills of the Kerrie Valley in the Macedon Ranges Shire. On 115 acres we raise laying hens, Dorper sheep, a few pigs and three dairy cows, and grow all our own fruits and vegetables. We have never used any chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our land since we moved here in 2006. We use organic and biodynamic techniques to build healthy soil, plants and animals, and ultimately people.

We started our farm as a way to bring up our children in a beautiful and healthy environment. Now, we are close to being fully self-sufficient, and at meals virtually everything on our plate is from the farm. Once we had tasted our own food and felt it was the most ethical way to raise animals, we wanted others to share in the joy of such great tasting, nutritious food. We welcome you to come visit us and experience farming that is kind and gentle with all life, from the bugs in the soil, to the plants that turn light into food, from the small hens to the large loping cows, and ultimately to us.

The Story of Josh’s Eggs

This is how it all began

My name is Josh. On our farm we have two flocks of 800 hens. I started Josh’s Rainbow Eggs when I was 9 and had only 40 hens. I believe our eggs are the most ethical, freshest and tastiest eggs ever! My hens get to express their true “chickeness”, scratching for bugs, seed and worms, dust bathing in the sunshine and plucking at the grass.

All my hens lay eggs and roost in an “eggmobile” which we move every morning across the paddock so they always have fresh grass. We have less than 300 hens per hectare (in the free range industry it can range from 1,500- 40,000 hens/ha). Our hens have tonnes of space to scratch and roam around and are never locked up. They have a varied diet of seeds, bugs, worms and native grasses. We supplement this with a mix of sprouted and ground grains full of essential vitamins and minerals.

We use only non-GM Australian grown grain which we get from farmers we know 1.5hrs north of the farm.

We raise our hens on open green fields in the sunshine. We know this is the environment that makes hens the happiest and healthiest. Our hens get to express their true “chickeness”. They scratch for insects, eat grass and seeds, dust bathe, roost in trees, and lay eggs in nests with straw.

Our hens are free range from birth. We do not debeak or declaw our hens.  We do not kill our older hens but instead give them away to back-yarders.

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